Low Carb Flourless Chocolate Cookies – Gluten Free

This little low carb cookie packs a big chocolate punch. Good things can come in 2-3 bite packages. Only 2.4 carbs each. They are the perfect way to satisfy a chocolate craving. You read that right.  Theses are Low Carb Flourless Chocolate Cookies.  They have no flour of any kind at all. They are a low carb adaptation of a  favorite vintage recipe.  Don’t let the ‘drop by rounded teaspoon instructions’ fool you.  This little cookie packs a big chocolate punch. Good things can come in 2-3 […] More→

Low Carb Chocolate Creamsicle Pie

Low Carb Chocolate Creamsicle Pie is just 6 net carbs and so yum. It just had to be Chocolate Creamsicle Pie. I am a dessert lover; especially chocolate.  I desperately needed a piece of chocolate pie.  I started digging through the pantry to see what could be created without going to the grocery store – again. I’d just made my first almond flour pie crust.  I was very surprised […] More→

Iced Low Carb Pumpkin Scones Recipe

]Low Carb Pumpkin scones take under an hour to make and about 3 net carbs including the Cream Cheese Icing When autumn arrives my mind turns to all things pumpkin and what better way to celebrate this ‘pumpkin-time-of-year’  than with a batch of freshly made Low Carb Pumpkin Scones? This was not an easy recipe to develop.  I’m picky about baked goods. I’ll  just say that I gained several ‘learning experiences’ in my kitchen before I arrived […] More→

Low Carb Chicken Potpie with Crumble Crust

This low carb chicken potpie is comfort food for fall dinners.  It comes together quickly to pop in the oven and as it bakes, the scent of it will fill the house as the family gathers home for the evening. This low carb chicken potpie is a remake of  my own Crumble Crust Chicken Pot […] More→

Easy Balsamic Skillet Chops Recipe

I adore pork chops – done right, that is. I love this Balsamic Skillet Chops recipe because they take about 20 minutes to make. (You don’t have to turn on the oven!)  They are zesty and flavorful. To get started you just heat olive oil in a large skillet and then season the chops with just […] More→

Lava Cake for 1 ~ Low Carb

Lava Cake for 1 makes warm, sweet, chocolaty goodness in minutes. Just over 2 net carbs, it's a satisfying low carb treat. Great for Keto and gluten free. This Lava cake for 1 is glorious. These things happen in the kitchen occasionally.  I love lava cake and used to make it frequently for my family when I was developing sugary dessert recipes at Baking Outside the Box several years ago before I became fascinated with low carb and fresh cooking. Lava cake for 1 is […] More→

Low Carb Donuts? Yes Please!

Low Carb Donuts sounds like a fantasy recipe. With less than half of a single carb in all their scrumptious mini glory they taste fantastic too. Try cake-style or fried. Low Carb Donuts? Yes, low carb donuts are a real thing.  And as you may know that while following a low carb W.O.E. it can be hard to find a great dessert that doesn’t involve cream cheese or other dairy products while being carb-thrifty. These little gems are very thrifty at less than half a […] More→

Nacho Mama’s Low Carb Omelette

This flavorful low carb Nacho Mama's Omelette can be made to order. Staying in? Try the quick and simple recipe. I recently ordered a Nacho Mama’s Omelette at Denny’s.  What’s so strange about that?  It isn’t on the menu. I confess to being a Nacho Mama.  I love devouring cheese and nacho fixin’s all warm and melting together. Sans the chips now, of course. 😉 Before I continue, I want you all to know up […] More→