Pizza Crisps ~ 2 Minute Low Carb Lunch

Pizza Crisps are a super quick ultra low carb meal or snack that is fast, warm, satisfying and crunchy. Make them in under 2 minutes. Pizza Crisps were born out of hunger for a long overdue lunch.  I poked my nose in the fridge to see if there was anything super quick I could just grab. Now I’m sure you know like I do that ‘super quick’ and ‘just grab’ aren’t usually used in the same breath as the phrase ‘low carb’. […] More→

Peanut Butter Cloud Cups

These Low Carb Peanut Butter Cloud Cups are designed to be light and satisfying -- reminiscent of peanut butter pie. Just 7 net carbs a serving   Peanut Butter Cloud Cups came about as I was longing for some sweet-n-creamy-peanut-buttery goodness. These are so good,  They disappeared out of the fridge way too fast.  I will be making them again very soon.  They have a light toasty peanut butter flavor that is reminiscent of peanut butter pie. I want the essence […] More→

Speedy Low Carb English Muffins

These speedy and tasty low carb English Muffins are lightning fast to make and so good toasted and dripping with butter. They are just under 2 net carbs each.   1 Minute.   1 minute is all it takes in the microwave to bake one of these scrumptious Speedy Low Carb English Muffins. When I found recipes online for low carb English Muffins, I could hardly believe it.  After looking over the ingredients, I was subject to further skepticism.  I just didn’t think nut butter, […] More→

Strawberry Walnut Chicken Salad

I have been desperate for something with a little crunch to it.  This zesty, creamy, crunchy Strawberry Walnut Chicken Salad was the delight of my low carb life this past week. It’s flavor is a sunny savory/sweet and I’m certain I will be making it all summer. Often tons of pre-planning and prep go into making a really good low carb […] More→